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Gary Wei

Guanghao Wei

I'm pursuing a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science at Cornell University. I received Dual B.S. degrees in Math and Computer Science and minoring in Japanese at UMass Amherst. I workded at UMass BioNLP lab on practical medical NLP projects. I continue to study in Machine Learning in graduate school.

I always depict myself as a combination of scientist and engineer. I do project in Machine Learning, Full Stack websites, Game programming, Cybersecurity, etc.

I'm a native Chinese speaker, and I can also speak English and Japanese. I'm pursuing a Japanese minor as well.

My vision is to do something noble, and I'm still on the road to learning.

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Cornell University

2022 - 2023

I'm pursuing the Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science at Cornell University in Ithaca.

A Biography refers to


University of Massachusetts Amherst

2018 - 2022

I received dual B.S. degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics and minor in Japanese.

I worked at UMass BioNLP lab on practical biomedical NLP projects directed by Prof. Hong Yu.


Beijing No.4 High School

2015 - 2018

I have the honor of graduating from one of the best high school in China -- Beijing No.4 High School.

The memories I cherished most were being a player on school's soccer team.

Competitions & Awards


CTF: UMassCTF 2022

Apr 2022

My team won the 4th place of the UMass scoreboard of UMassCTF 2022.

I personally solved 3 challenges. The pwn challenge zip_parser only solved by 3 teams at last and my team is the second submission.


Hackathon: Unihack '21

Aug 2021

Reconnect System is a system that helps offline clients quickly catch up when they get back online

We won the first place in Unihack ’21 Hackathon and awarded ¥10,000 by a full stack website that involving Hugging Face NLP Machine Learning Pipeline.


MCM: The Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Feb 2021

We presented a combined model to evaluate the accuracy of the Asian Giant Hornet sightings reported in Washington State.

RRS: Random Forest + ResNet-18 CNN + Spatial Distribution Reproduction Model.

Refer to the GitHub Repo for my implementation and more information.


Hackathon: UNICODE SC+

Sep 2020

LaTomatina is a casual game developed by Team Devil Otter.

The game was inspired by the traditional Spanish festival La Tomatina (tomato fight).

With an unlimited supply of tomatoes, players compete in a pleased tomato fight on the streets of Bunol with other players on the Internet.


Jacob-Cohen-Killam Mathematics Competition

Apr 2019 & 2020

2nd Place in 34th & 35th JCK Competition

$1,000 Awarded each year. ($2,000 in total)

Similar but easier competition with IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad)


ASA Five College DataFest

Mar 2019

Leader of a team of 5

Process and Analysis big physical data from The Canadian National Women's Rugby Team with R (R Studio)


National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces

Nov 2016

3rd Prize in NOIP Beijing, China

Individual competition: Code and solve problems with algorithms and data structures in C/C++.



UMass BioNLP Lab

Research Assistant

May 2021 - June 2022

I worked at UMass BioNLP lab on practical biomedical NLP projects directed by Prof. Hong Yu.

My responsibilities include: Information Retrieval, Data Processing, Model Implementation, Performance Analysis, and Application Product Implementation. Check out for research and projects!



Project Developer

Summer 2020

FMol is a simplified drug discovery pipeline. I worked with E.J. Chen in the summer of 2020.

FMol generates SMILE molecular with AlphaSMILES, predict protein structure with AlphaFold, and check the druggability with fpocket/Amber.



Cloud Team

Spring 2020

ReachOUT is a platform that helps UMass students find career advisors. This was the project I worked on in a team of 25 in the Software Programming course and was transferred to UMass CICS Career Department after the course ended.

I was in the Cloud team working on deploying the dynamic website to the AWS serverless services. I also wrote the ReadMe documentations on the GitHub Repo.


UMass Amherst CSSA

Member in The personnel department

2018 - 2022

I have been a member of the Personnel Department of UMass Amherst CSSA since the fall of 2018.

We hold several events such as Spring Festival Gala, Mid-Autumn Festival Barbecue, and Campus Singer Competition every year. I'm one of the organizers of all these events.

My Skills


Machine Learning
& Data Science

I'm currently studying ML at Cornell University. I worked at UMass BioNLP Lab on biomedical NLP projects directed by Prof. Hong Yu.

My research interests include machine learning in biomedical NLP, 3D computer vision, and high performance reproducible machine learning projects.

Checkout for more!


Full Stack & AWS Cloud

I started to develop full stack websites using node.js(express), Django and work with AWS serverless services since 2019. I design full stack web-application architectures.

This website is currently deployed on Heroku and a traditional server using Docker containers. It is a node.js express based server-render website.


All Platform Development

I'm a PROUD Arch Linux user. I also conduct research on Windows 10, macOS, and Ubuntu 20.04, and proficient with docker and VM solutions.

I write compatible command line scripts. Check out eva_arch(Arch Linux), eva_init(Ubuntu), eva_ubuntu(Ubuntu), and eva_windows(Windows 10).


Numerical Analysis

I received my B.S. degree in Computational Math and Applied Math, which include numerical solution and analysis to solve linear system, approximation problem, ODE, etc.

I've taken MATH 651, Grad Level Numerical Analysis, with Prof. Qianyong Chen in advance.


Game Programming - Unity

I have taken Game Programming course (UMass CS 576) and learned to develop game in Unity.

I play League, AAA, and indie games, these masterpieces ignited my passion for being a Game Developer.



I took the security class (CS 390R) titled Reverse Engineering and Vulnerability Analysis at UMass Amherst and acquired elementary level skills of vulnerability analysis and exploiting C-based programs.

I enjoyed the time solving CTF challenges.

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